Friday, September 14, 2007

The Observance of Pheromones

Pheromone definition:
Pheromones are naturally occurring substances the body excretes externally, conveying an airborne message to trigger a response from the opposite sex of the same species.
Jonathan and I at the last minute yesterday were offered tickets to attend the Astros game with the Mangrums on HFBC night. I was so excited to find out that we were sitting by Nancy Monarch and her friends. By the time we made it to our seats, the Cubs were already three in the lead. Overall the game was a yawner, but of course, when you are with Mangrums and Nancy you can sure find another way to have fun.

So back to my opening definition. While were were sitting at the game, talking more than watching, our eyes caught this couple sitting in front of us. The woman in this relationship was on pheromone factory overload. This caused the man sitting next to her to respond to her in a rather "groping" way. There is just no another good way to put it. He could not keep his hands off of her and the woman seemed aloof, almost as if she just puts up with it on a regular basis.(or maybe she was playing hard to get.) She had no idea the triggering that was occurring in the opposite sex to her left. Of course, we all noticed and it was one of those situations where you hate to keep watching, but you can't stop. For the full story on this "groping" situation, you will have to read Nancy's blog. She creatively, and more humorously than I, describes the play by play and even has a "Take Me Out to the Ballpark" rendition of our observances.

But really, I want to understand something. Why in the world do people think this is okay? I remember one time I was in Paris with my mom, and we saw this couple on the corner literally making out with no care in the world. We then went to Hard Rock Cafe to only find out that they went there too and were in the booth across the way from us. They really should have gone back to their rooms, instead of preceding with the indecency that they subjected us to. But it ain't just Paris, the love capital of the world, it is everywhere.

Maybe I am a little stiff-necked and mucho anti PDA, but I can't help feel a eeeeeeeeewwwwwww, gross, gagging, sick feeling that comes all over me in moments such as these. So, to the pheromone seduced man at the Astros game, I am sorry you are being written about, in not one blog but two, but next time you sense that airborne message, spare us and go get something else to munch on.


Nancy Mon said...

Love your observations and the scientific approach you took. Off course you know me...I took the comedy road, but dang...I had no clue what pheromones were until now. Thanks for the education and thanks for the laughs last night. It was tons of fun.

Cari said...

Your last line crakced me up! ...go find something else to munch on...too funny!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Paris.....I had forgotten that incident...and the incident on French television....eewww!

Je t'aime ma fille adorable,

Je t'aime ma fille adorable.

amberburger said...

ummm... you had me laughing out loud and so did nancy...yall should go on the road with this one! between the two you you could put on a great comedy sketch! haha!
Thanks so much for the voicemail about titus's sleeping. You are so sweet to think of us! I will call you soon. love you friend!

Dana said...

Too funny...makes you wonder about their relationship if she is that disinterested...but seriously, how degrading...

watsyface said...

oh, i am so embarrassed. i didn't know anyone was watching. HA! Robert would die!

Amy Watson Lay

Kay Altic said...

Hey girl...just wanted to say you and miss you...we need to get together soon...miss you at BWC

FordeFam said...

Ewwww! Love the title though! ;) Hahaha!!!