Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A new start...and a new oven?

We finally feel settled in our new house! Pictures to come I promise..just a little lazy right now. Really..I am okay with that after being so durn busy last week. I have to report the good and the bad...so we will start with the only bad thing thus far. I have already burnt a roast in my oven and then I proceeded to burn my arm. The oven is original in the house and wow, does it have issues. I was very put out with this because roast isn't cheap and my cook-book thought that a roast could be cooked in an hour. When you put the oven on 450 degrees it never gets there, but somehow it came out so tough you had to saw to cut a slice. My first home cooked meal gone sour!

But on a better note there are some neat things to report. On the 4th of July we popped some fireworks outside and our neighbors were out as well. Jonathan and I were able to introduce ourselves and he has already been invited to play golf by the golf pro that lives across the street. Jonathan hit the jack pot. As he was rubbing elbows with the pro, a guy from down the street came by and introduced himself. He was talking about his daughter and how she just graduated high school. I made mention that I used to work with girls at a church and he said that we went to church at Cypress Bible. He wants us to go visit out there with them. While I am sad to possibly leave HFBC, I am excited to see what the Lord has for us out here in close proximity to our home.

Yesterday, I spent my morning on the phone with all the churches in the area trying to find a mother's day out program. They were either full because registration started in February or they don't take babies until they are 18 months. One church called me back late, Cypress Bible Church of all churches, and she thought they had one spot left. She called back today and they did!!! So Keegan gets to play for a day while mom gets to do what she wants! It will be interesting to see if God set this all up for us to attend this church. (and for me to meet my neighbor last week whose family goes there!)

The last thing that has made me smile is our use of baby monitors. We never had to use them in the condo because it echoed and you could hear Keegan clearly! I get to hear my husband read Keegan a story and wish him sweet dreams while I do the dishes. A beautiful thing to hear at the end of the day.


courtney said...

i've got to say that i've never been able to properly cook a roast, no matter which recipe i've used. it is never done in an hour. i think the trick is to cook it on low temp for a long time. i gave up on using the oven, and now i use a crock pot for it every time.

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Something about using a different oven is just dangerous for the skin! It's so awesome that you met your neighbors already. You are going to love having Keegan in MDO. I'm excited for y'all about a new church!

Cari said...

i'm going to restrain myself from making comments about your cooking, because i know you have come a long way, but i do remember when you didn't even know how to scramble an egg! that was the same day we tried to give your dogs a bath in the backyard! i love those memories of us, when we were young and thought we could accomplish anything... except scarmbled eggs! today i was reaing in my bible study and it asked, "can you think of someone for whom you often pray with joy?" and why do you think that is. you were the first person who came to my mind and heart. this is what i wrote: Michelle, because i have known her so long and love her so much! i love you friend, even if you do not share my affinity for bright orange! :)

Janelle & Ella said...

It's great how perfectly God has orchestrated everything for y'all in this move.
I'm anxious to see more pictures!

Lauren said...

I actually grew up at Cypress Bible--my uncle was minister of music there for 15 yrs. I sang in the choir and we had a lot of good family friends. There are a lot of good people there! It's also less than 10 minutes from my parents' house. Did you guys move out that direction?

Dana said...

Okay, I'm selfish...leaving HFBC???

And I can't cook roast either...I even tried the crock pot like Courtney, but it comes out with greasy vegtables...I say that's all the reason in the world to buy a new stove!! :)

Nancy Mon said...

Michelle...our time together, did I not teach you anything???? Stay out of the kitchen! That is where most accidents in the home happen.

Just playin'. Sounds like it is all good out your way and I love how God is in the details of our lives.

Miss you!

Lindsee said...

Hi Michelle,

Okay, so I've been lurking on your blog for a few weeks now. (Found you from Amanda!) Anyway, I was just reading your post and as I was reading I noticed you said Cypress Bible. I then got very interested because I go to Cypress Bible. I have been going there my whole life, actually. I love my church. I HIGHLY recommend it. :)

What's even more fun is that I saw that you worked with the girls at HFBC and I am actually the female intern for the youth at church (Cypress Bible) this summer and I do girls ministry. Besides some admin stuff, that's what I do and absolutely LOVE it.

Anyway, I probably know the neighbor who's daughter just graduated. They were my girls for the past 4 years.

And, as I was looking at your comments and I know Lauren. Her cousin is one of my best friends. I don't know if she remembers me, but I was in the choir too, and my parents are still involved in the music ministry. Her uncle and my parents were great friends!

Anyway, this is the longest comment ever, but I felt the need to introduce myself. MDO will be great! I did it when I was little and my mom loved it.

If y'all visit let me know what you think.

I know it's kind of silly but if you are there on Sunday, I would love to meet y'all. I actually know some great Sunday School classes y'all could join, if interested.

And by the way, your baby is precious.

Okay, that's all I've got. I sould like a crazy stalker now.

It's just such a small world!!

Lindsee Eddy