Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Camp Recharge

Camp was so much fun and such a needed break! It was fun to hang out with the staff, leaders and friends that I love so much. You never really realize how much you miss things until you have been gone from it for almost a year. I am glad that I made the decision to stay at home, but I really treasure the times working with my Houston family (the youth staff at Houston's First). God was really good to point out that I need more "mommy alone" time and that Mother's Day Out is a must. I guess He knows that I could soon go crazy without it.

While at camp, my pregnancy symptoms almost totally disappeared. I was so excited and thought, "YEAH, its over!!!" However, I did have one meat aversion with the chicken with marmalade sauce on top. I still want to gag thinking about it. My friend Roger bought me some sonic that night. :) Sonic is the greatest, especially at camp and somehow we had lots of leaders with those styrofoam cups! Sonic is like a underground market at camp.

When I got back on Sunday night, my nausea returned. God was really good to me that it went away for a week, but my hopes of it being gone for good diminished. So, now I am sitting in my condo with no energy to pack it up. I have three weeks...I can take this one off..right?

Alas Alas, I am hoping it will pack itself up.


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Sonic is a summer survival must! Speaking of...tonight you can get a free root beer float there (as seen on commercials.)

Dana said...

It's daughter told me she saw you at camp and that you were expecting another baby...I told her I wish I could see you so I could tell you congratulations...THEN Kelly Fisher was telling me something about your blog and you expecting another baby and I thought I would come find it and say hello! And of course "Congratulations!" Hope the morning sickness passes soon! I look forward to reading more...