Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keeg's New Loves

I did not hear Keegs for a while yesterday while making dinner and I looked around the corner to find him watching one of his new loves Baby Enstein. He watched at least 15 minutes of it standing this close to the tv. I think I remember that watching tv that close can ruin your eyes..but hey...I fixed dinner without distractions. (don't call cps on me...i promise it won't happen again!)

This HUGE teddy bear was given to Keegan at one of my showers by his great aunt Carolyn. Jonathan introduced it to him the other day and now all he wants to do is lay on it and wrestle with it. Such a boy! (by the way, he is watching tv..but at least from a few feet away!)

He has become a huge fan of hide and seek. Christine found a little gap inbetween our couch pillows and Keegs loves to look for her through that gap and laugh his little head off. I was hoping today that he would find it as fun with me, but I sure can't get him to laugh like she can.


The Juarez Family said...


He is growing up so fast! What a great personality!


Janelle & Ella said...

The picture of him standing so close to the t.v. had me laughing out loud. It's like he loves it so much he's trying to crawl into the t.v. So cute!! And I still think he has the best baby laugh of all!

Pwood said...

Michelle, I am so excited about your new house. It looks so great! Keegan is adorable. Hoping to see him some this summer! Let me know when you are in Mansfield.

Nancy Mon said...

He is growing so quickly. Such cute pics. I thought of you in staff meeting today.

FordeFam said...

I love Baby Einstein too!!! The music is so much more relaxing than other things that they could be watching!!! We have a few, but I think I like Baby Neptune...I don't know! All three of my crew enjoy it! :) I'm glad Zoe still likes it! :) He's sooo cute!!!

kittyhox said...

Our son does the same thing with our tv. It's up on our fireplace mantle (don't judge, it's the only place in the whole living room that it fits), so he stands holding onto the hearth looking straight UP.
I don't let him stay that way for long, of course.

Your little guy is a super cutie!!