Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome Brianna Arenal!

If one could not get enough of one baby love in a week...try two!! Exactly one week from the birth of one niece, another one arrives! Brianna moved slow at first giving her mama hard contractions for 8 solid hours, but then surprised the world when she decided that she wanted to come out and play. Try dilating from a 3 to a having a baby in 30 minutes. I have never seen such a bright-eyed baby with so many facial expressions! She is such a cutie and while we hoped for a full head of red hair like her mama, her brown hair is fabulous. Keegan is getting a tad jealous that his cousins have more hair than him..but I reassure him that to be bald is beautiful. I look forward to the many play dates and of course becoming her favorite aunt. Well...okay...one of them! Brad and Mae have been such good babysitters and they are going to be incredible parents. (I owe them many date nights!) They are naturals!

Welcome Baby Brianna!


Joshua Murrell said...

You are such a lucky aunt to have two beautiful nieces!

Janelle & Ella said...

What a fun week for you!!!

Sunni said...

Both your nieces are so beautiful! Keegan is lucky to have some cousins to cut up with in a few years! And you look beautiful holding them....hmmm, time for another one?

Kim said...

WOW - I have 2 little cousins now! I am so excited to see her - we will have to make a trip down there soon to see Brianna and Keegan :} Mallory says hello and is thrilled about a little girl joining the show!

Tell Mae hello and congrats for me!

Kim Juarez