Friday, March 23, 2007

The Human Jungle Gym

Toys, Nah! Exersaucer, Nah! V-tech toys with annoying singing voices, Nah! Give it up for the latest invention! The Human Jungle Gym! I have so many attractions. My skin makes a fun noise when it is slapped. When you put your hand in my mouth I chomp on it. Blowing raspberries on my legs makes a great slip and slide. Honking my nose is one of my best noises and surprises him every time. My shoulder makes a great teething ring and mommy gets to sport a wet shoulder all day. Oh yes, and lets not forget Keegan gets to practice his pincher-grasp on me because I scream and say "NO!"... he thinks that is funny. I make a great object to hold onto and practice standing. I also teach mimicking skills. I wave my arms up and down, shake my head side to side, stick my tongue out and he does the same. Eskimo kisses are also an added feature that the exersacuer can't live up to. Let's not forget that I am one of the very few gyms that comes with music that sings on key. Of course, he has found other Jungle Gyms that are fun. Auntie Johnnie has proven to be one of the favorites. Wherever I go he has some entertainment...that is until he starts crawling. Let the fun begin!

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