Thursday, March 8, 2007

Starting to Sweat (again)

2 weeks strong and moving forward. We have committed our bodies and pocket book to LA Fitness across the street. I am trying "working-out" for the fourth time in my life. I had such promise when I was little to be a great athlete. I came in the top three in our tiger trot and could climb up a rope quicker than anyone in my class but that was short lived. I have never been the athletic type and in fact the last "real" athletic venture (prior to college) I can remember is in middle school. I tried tennis until one day I was sitting on my couch with my knees to my chest and one of them decided that it would not extend. It stuck in that position until my mom came home 30 minutes later and she had the lovely job in popping it back. I had some sort of something floating around in my kneecap that would wedge itself between my plates. Fun huh? So, that took me out of anything athletic for a while because I had the pleasure of sporting a huge stiff brace on my leg. Then in high school somehow my marching band practices counted as a PE credit. Not sure how they justified that being athletic because the only thing making you sweat was the hot sun scorching you on the field while standing still. I am still a little embarrassed that I was in the marching hold back your snide comments. :) Since then, I took a weight lifting class in college and I actually enjoyed the buzz you feel after getting a good workout but was quickly extinguished when I moved to Houston. I soon married a health nut that loves working out and I decided to go for it again. If you work at HFBC you get a free membership to the gym... it just was not enough motivation for me. It was just not the right time because pregnancy started rounding out my tummy and I felt like that was my ticket to exit the gym and I was happy to take it. So, here I am...2 weeks into my gym membership and I am actually enjoying it. I am starting to know people there and my favorite so far is this sweet lady in the kids klub that loves on Keegan. She says he is her favorite, and asks every day if I am coming back in the afternoon. Ha! An hour workout three times a week is enough for me. So I am hoping that I stick with this and drop some of that baby weight that Keegan so generously left me.


A is for Audrey said...

so proud of you! hang in there!

Travis and Erin said...

Hi Sanders family! Just leaving ya'll a comment since you left one on ours! Erin and I are working out too. I'm rehabbing my knee that I had surgery on recently, and trying to work off my "baby fat" around my belly. Haha, take care.