Friday, March 23, 2007

Helmet No More! came off today! I have found that helmet very endearing. I almost don't recognize my own child with it off! The "helmet people" asked today if friends and family were ready for it to come off and I told them that they could not imagine Keegan without it. They were a little shocked and then they added, "Well, he is one of the cutest!" Of course he is! They want us to enter Keegan into a calendar contest. The makers of this particular helmet put out a calendar every year of the twelve cutest babies. They think he could win a spot. Keegan will have a photo shoot with Aunt Fitine one last time with his helmet to get a calendar quality photo! We will post them soon for you to choose your favorite.

We are ready for the helmet to come off. I think I have almost had a bloody nose twice from him bonking me with it. It has the worst smell about it that never leaves and no amount of rubbing alcohol will do the trick. (yes, that is the only way you can clean it!) Also, the helmet has seen better days. Take a look at what happened when Keegan starting rolling on our tile. He was rocking his head back and forth and before I could stop him I saw all the little paint chips on the tile. After that day, It just got worse. I guess it has earned its character. (For those of you wondering..that is not Keegan's head. It is the mold they took and they put it on a stick. The named it the "head-sicle")

I will miss some things that people say, like "Where did you get that helmet?" and sometimes they added "How much?" I had fun with that one. I would usually reply, "The Woodlands for $4000." The most popular one was "Look at that little Aggie!" all the while trying to figure out what the heck it was. My all time favorite is when little kids asked their parents, "What's wrong with his head?" I felt bad for the parents but I liked to see those confused dear faces.

Looking back at my old posts, I was so worried and scared for nothing. We are so glad that we moved forward with it.



Keegan will never forget you little helmet and soon he will realize that you are soon as he hits the floor.


Amanda said...

Look at that perfect little noggin! Way to go, Aggie helmet. Can't wait to see Fitine's photo shoot.

Kim said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy! God gives us obsticles to overcome throughout our lives. It is amazing how something so devistating at first can have such a wonderful outcome! What a perfect little head :}

Kim Juarez

Janelle & Ella said...

Yeah for Keegan!! Your head looks amazing!! I'm so happy Michelle that these months are over and that like you said, it was nothing to be worried about!
So funny when you said he'll know his helmet is off when he falls.