Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cast Your Vote!

We need help in choosing a picture for Keegan's entry into the baby calender. Voting lines are open until Friday, March 30th.
There are no fees to for all of you blog readers that are shy about commenting...this is can be your debut. (note: you do not have to be a blog member!)

Here are the finalists:







If you would like to look at this years 2006-2007 calender, check out this link. I thought only 12 babies make it but they actually choose smaller pics to sprinkle under the 12 that made the big pic. So cross you fingers...I guess we will find out later this year. A special thanks to Aunt Fitine Photography (Christine Mangrum) for all these lovely photos.


Pwood said...

Corey and I took some time and discussed the pictures. We've decided that he is just to darn cute and all of them should be on the calendar. Well I guess that won't work, so we decided D was our favorite. We just love his smirk!!

Brad said...


We have decided on photo D. He is too cute not to get choosen.

Brad, Mae, and Brianna

Kim said...


He is so cute! Jeff, Mallory, and I choose D. I love his look in that picture. Give Keegan a kiss for us and hope to see you all soon!

Kim, Jeff, and Mallory

Joshua Murrell said...

It is so hard to decide...all of the pictures show off his personality! I really love "c" though. He will definitely be featured in the calendar!

A is for Audrey said...

Audrey loves D as well. He looks adorable!!
love you,

Aunt Laura said...

I would choose picture D! And I believe March 29 is a Thursday... I only know this, because it's Leigh's and my birthday. They're all cute pictures, though!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

I know this is no help to you, but they are all so cute! I can't pick!

Aunt Leigh said...

I know a lot of ppl have chosen photo "D" and I think that one is probably my 2nd choice, but my 1st choice is photo "E". He looks adorable, of course, in photo "D", but I think "E" displays much more of his personality! Hope this helps :) ~Aunt Leigh

Matt and Jenifer Winn said...

I like C the best, but D is pretty funny. So C or D is cool with me.


Anonymous said...

This is SOOOOO hard!!!! They are all you think you could take 5 more pictures and submit all twelve so that the calendar would be just Keegan? I'm sure the company would go along with this idea! Do I sound like a pushy grandma or what?

OK, ok, I vote for D, but I love them all.


AKat said...

I wandered over here from Baby Bangs! I choose C; Keegan is PRECIOUS in all of them, though... Gig 'Em!

Sunni said...

C & D---I love all of them, but I narrowed it down to these!

Anonymous said...

G-Bob chooses C!

Cousin Shannon said...

I love D, but C is also good!

Janelle & Ella said...

Sorry I'm so late on this. Also sorry that I am going against the flow because I really love F. But C is my second favorite and than D. But man these are some cute pictures!!!

courtney said...

d. for certain. cutie.

becky said...

i'm a huge fan of G.

he's so cute!! i'm going to miss the helmet.