Thursday, December 14, 2006

What takes me to my HAPPY place

1. Fireplaces and bonfires
2. A BIG Sonic Coke
3. Flannel Pants and Hoodies
4. Christmas music (that is after December 1st)
5. A clean house and clean downy fresh sheets
6. Hot Showers
7. Nestle Tollhouse Cookies
8. Keegan's sweet smile first thing in the morning
9. Fresh Flowers
10. Rain hitting my window while sleeping
11. New Car Smell
12. Snowy days
13. Laying out by the pool with Christine
14. Ugly Betty (my new favorite show)
15. Target
16. A full night of sleep!!
17. Getting my hair highlighted
18. Driving home to Mansfield
19. Finding a good sale
20 Hugging my sweet husband!

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