Friday, December 8, 2006

To Helmet or Not to Helmet

Today was H-Day. Helmet or No Helmet. Two months of repositioning Keegan to round out his flat little head and it all came down to this appointment. I had butterflies in my stomach all night and into the morning waiting our verdict. The waiting room was packed with women oohing and awwing at Keegan and all I wanted was an answer. I just wanted to sit in silence but the woman in blue sitting across from us wanted to talk about the durn stroller of all things. We finally were called and Dr. Butros looked at his head and said that it looked better. He could tell that I was working on him. Yeah for mom!! I was relieved and then he switched gears.

It seems that Keegan is one of the cases that us as parents have to decide if we want to put a helmet on him. Even though it has improved, he could not guarantee that it will round out completely without assistance. Cosmetically, if it never rounded out, he could be embarrassed of it. In fact, the later we wait to see if it does round out, the longer the helmet would have to be on him. Then it would be time for hot weather, which would develop rashes under the helmet, and babies can hardly tolerate it. I am sure I would not be able to as well.

I decided to ask him if his son's head were flat like Keegans...what would HE do? He said he would do it. Yuck. Not what you want to hear. We left feeling a little confused and then we talked to our mothers, who on separate phone calls echoed the same advice. "I would do it if it would have been you " they said. "If you never did anything about and he was would feel bad that you never fixed it." True. It would kill me. So we are going to get a helmet. (big sigh)

I guess the helmet is a small price to pay for 4 months or less to make sure that we are doing the very best for our son...even if is cosmetic. The thing that I will miss the most is rubbing and kissing his cute little fuzzy head.

A few things to pray for:
* We get it authorized and have it made before the new year because we have met our deductible until January 1.
* Pray that we can move past our pride that our son is going to wear a helmet.
* Pray personally for my stress level as I move forward with this and also plan the girl’s retreat.
* Pray for Keegan when they have to do a casting of his head.

This should be an interesting journey to say the least. But one good thing...there is a Harley Davidson shop that paints those suckers and so he will be stylin’! It would be fun for you to comment on how YOU think it should be painted. I could use some ideas. Trust me, Jonathan is already bent on a maroon one. So that idea is taken. Stay tuned... I am sure I will take pictures and write in this process.


Jackson said...

Michelle, I am really sorry y'all have to do it. How hard that you had to make the decision! I think you're doing the right thing. I have seen several babies with helmets and they do look pretty darn cute. I will be praying for your heart and that you will find it incredibly endearing.

Janelle said...

Michelle, All week, to make myself feel better, I kept thinking about how a few months ago I was praying so hard for the alternative of Keegan having to wear a helmet instead of surgery! Still, this can't be easy. I am so sorry! We will pray that the 4 months go by quickly and that Keegan will not have a smidge of discomfort through it all!! I love you! Janelle