Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I love going home to Mansfield when I have a chance. I was able to go home for a few days last week just in time for a day of ice and snow. It did not stay around, but it was a fun having the fire going, watching Miracle on 34th street, and decorating for Christmas. Mom always remembers the special things even down to the half glass of coke with pretzels and m&ms. There is always something new for Keegan when we arrive. He practically has a nursery at the house with a crib. She says "whatever it takes to see us more." Dad rushes home from work to see Keegan and loves to feed him at night and put him to bed. So sweet and soooo spoiled.

It was so much fun to hang out with Amanda, Janelle and Melissa for a play date on Friday. This was our first official group play date. It was a little out of control with all those babies but it kept us laughing. It was really an out of body experience to see everyone with their babies. It feels like the other day that I was rooming with Janelle and Melissa in college. We are all grown up now and moms! Wow..life goes way too fast.

My other roommate from college, Kristin, found out last Wednesday night that she is finally able to bring their daughter, Laney, home from Tiawan. They started the process in May and finally they received their travel date the first week in January. She is perfect for the Lewis family.

On Saturday I was able to go with my sister in law to Babies R Us to help her register. It is crazy to remember that just last May when I registered I was so lost in that huge store with no idea how to take care of a baby. Not that I am a pro now, but at least I know a little something.

it was a joy to be back home. Home sweet Home.

Ella is flirting with Joshua and Keegan is not sure about Jackson.
Keegan's socks just never stay on!

I guess we can't always have our little ones looking at the camera.

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Jackson said...

Those pics turned out great! It's so funny how the babies are looking at each other.