Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Welcome Baby Leif

Nick and Jada Shock had their first boy yesterday morning. Leif Jarren Shock. Nick is one proud man that he now has a son with who he can play football, go hunting, and wrestle with! Cell phones can create a problem when there is not much strength on one end or another. When Jada called me yesterday morning with the news I thought she said his name was "Leis". As my friend Christine asked, "As in Buy or Lease?" I said yes...still a little confused. Her husband Zach said... poor guy, any time he is written a letter it will start out saying, "Dear Leis". (dear lease) It was all cleared up when we found out his name was really "Leif". It is a Scandanavian name that means "desendent" or "beloved". Christine and I went to see him last night and he was so tiny! Even at 8 pounds, I had to adjust my vision because Keegan now seems like a giant, all 17 pounds of him. It was very nostalgic to be in that hospital room seeing the glow on their face just having witnessed the amazing miracle of birth. God shows his creativity in the design of every baby. Welcome Baby Leif!

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