Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!

Two years seems to go faster and faster these days! I feel however that the last two years top my accomplishments in life by far. Jack is now TWO!! Yikes...time goes by so fast.

Jack has rounded the corner of fussiness and into a delightful stage. Of course the second year molars around the corner, but I am savoring his playfulness, smiles and kisses.

Here are a few things about Jack that I think you should know.
*He is my little singer. He can pick up tunes really fast and I think I heard him hit a note of harmony the other day. Of course, you know this speaks to my heart more than anything.
*He loves to kiss and not just on the lips but on your forehead, cheeks and chin. A little lover boy.
*He loves the alphabet. Not very ordinary but he is obsessed with them. He carries alphabet letters in his pockets. He is attracted to all sorts of letters in public and knows the sounds they make and even some of the lowercase letters.  Pretty cool if you ask me, of course, I am his mom. :)
*He loves puzzles, but the most fun part of course is dumping it all off the board when he finished putting it together. I usually get to put it together at the end of the day.
*He loves Dora yogurt, chocolate milk, anything sweet, mandarin oranges, vienna sausages, McDonalds nuggets, and pancakes.  Oh yes...and his absolute favorite, Nemo gummy snacks that turn his poop bright green.
*Speaking of Nemo, he loves that movie. He even likes to sing about him, "Yes Nemo loves me, yes Nemo loves me, Yes Nemo loves me, the bible tells me so." Not sure what bible he has, but he is convinced.
*Still loves his pacee. Little does he know that when he gets all his teeth in we will say goodbye to it.
*He can throw a fit and really good ones.
*He likes to take his arms out of his car seat straps. No matter how tight we get them, he plays Houdini and busts out of them again.
*Jack loves to swing and loves the inertia feeling of being swung around and getting dizzy.
*He is so cuddly and really I can not imagine life without him. He makes me smile day in and day out.


A is for Audrey said...

oh! happy birthday jack! i can't believe he's 2!!

Debbie Jeffers said...

He is incredible!!! They are both growing too fast.

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Merry Lynn said...

Sanders Fans need an update!!!

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