Monday, September 7, 2009

Messina Hof

Part Two of our little trip to College Station was a visit to Messina Hof Winery . I have to admit that I am not a wine drinker because a coke to me always trumps anything else. I am sure some of you are laughing at this! Anyhow, I became a little more cultured in the wine department and it really fascinated me. We were able to go out into the fields and pick grapes, then we did some stomping. Let me stop here. Messina Hof did the whole stomping thing a little injustice. In our minds we were picturing the whole "I Love Lucy" experience, where she was in a wooden vat stomping by herself. Well, we were crammed five at a time in a plastic container. I handed a worker my camera and she took a picture of us waste up. Hmmm. I think she missed the point. Then after this experience of squishing grapes that everyone else's feet have been in (I tried not to think about it) we went into the plant where the wine is made and bottled for some sampling. Who knew that there was such a science in making different kinds of wines! The guy with the red hat that we are pictured with is the winemaker, who will pass the red hat on to his son to run the winery. I loved the tradition of it all. Here are some pics....

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