Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's A Small World

Ever since college I have realized that the world is small and everyone seems to be connected somehow. It all started when I moved from Dallas the summer after I graduated from college and started working at Houston's First Baptist. The youth minister that I worked for, John Durham, moved to Irving to be the pastor at First Irving. Then friends one by one started moving, for whatever reason, from Houston to Dallas and joining that church. At the same time, my roommates from college at Dallas Baptist and other college friends started going to First Irving and befriending each other. Janelle, Amanda, Amber, Melissa, Lauren, Kristin, just to name a few.

So moving forward and totally unrelated, when we moved out we started going to Houston Northwest and I befriended Stacie. After getting to know her, I realized that she knew a guy, Brandon, from Mansfield that was one of my brother's best friends from middle school. To make our world smaller, Brandon was marrying her sister-in law (her husband's sister). Eleven years ago I sang at Brandon's brothers wedding. Upon knowing that I sing at weddings, she suggested that I sing at Brandon's. Perfect!

A few weeks ago, I headed up to Dallas for a fun weekend. My old youth pastor, Larry, was officiating the wedding so I was excited to spend the weekend with him and his wife. Saturday morning came and Larry lost his voice completely. Stacie called me around 2 pm in the afternoon (the wedding was at 6) saying that they needed to find a new minister and if I knew anyone. Then it dawned on her that my brother could do it because he is a licensed minister. I called Matt and was like, "Hey, uh...how do I ask you this...uh.....you feel like doing a wedding" and he responded saying, "Uh...sure? I have never done that before, but uh...sure...anything for Brandon."

I was sweating bullets for both of us up until the time of the wedding. First of all, I could not trust the pianist as far as I could throw him, and for my brother obviously who was not acting stressed at all. I absorbed it all. The service started and Matt did incredible. He forgot to seat the guests and hey, for a first timer...if that is all that happened, that is awesome. In fact, the audience thought it was funny, since he made the aware that he was a fill-in at the last minute. I nearly cried my eyes out listening to my baby brother and his little sermonette was perfect and really the best I have heard in the many weddings that I have attended. I am surprised that I held it together to sing, but somehow we managed to pull it off.

So if you ever need to book us...we are available! :)


Lauren said...

That is awesome!

Membership Required said...

That just made me laugh. Maybe you should FB about your services. Grin. That is of course a "funny" on my FBing my business.

Stacie said...

It was an awesome wedding!!! I can't believe how well Matt did. The Lord's hand was definitely upon him! Thanks for being a great friend and making the ceremony even more perfect! I am so glad it is a small world!! Love you!