Monday, July 13, 2009

Tubes Here We Come

I realize that it has been a month. The relationship with this blog has been strained in the past few months. Not sure why, but maybe one day I will become more faithful.

Part of the reason in the past month why the blog has not been getting any love is that we have been so sleep deprived. I feel as if we were back to the the first week when we brought home our babies. Jack literally was up 4-5 times a night screaming. He has also been so unhappy during the day that I thought I was going to lose my mind. I thought at first it was his molars coming in and that he was 18 months so I let him scream it out at night and never took him to the doctor. He had just finished antibiotics and the doctor cleared him. Evidently, the meds can mask it and it comes right back.

After almost 2 weeks of it, I decided to take him to the doctor after a conversation with my friend Shawna that sent a light bulb off that it was not his age but his ears! Poor Baby! So the doctor finally said, "It is time for tubes". I wanted to hug the him right then and there. Finally we can ease his pain. So, we have a an appointment for him in the morning to go to the ENT and I am beyond thrilled. Most importantly, we found a medicine that is helping for right now.

So I have so many things to blog about....but the most important is that Keegan turned THREE this past Monday. Can not wait to blog about that!


Amanda said...

So glad you're all getting some relief!

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot even imagine. Poor guy, and poor you. Hope he feels better SOON!

Membership Required said...

poor jack jack. Our boys will have yet another thing in common during there baby/toddler hood. Let me know how the appointment goes.

Janelle and Ella said...

Oh man! Poor Jack. How did the appt go?
I need a post on Keegan's birthday! I hope it was a great one.

Bill Seaver said...

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