Friday, June 12, 2009

First Sprinkler of the Summer

These are a couple months old, but thought they were too cute not to post. Jack was not so sure about it and sat in my lap for most of the time eating goldfish and feeding them to me. Keegan was all about it. I remember last year being at the Jones house and him absolutely hating I was pleseantly surprised.


Amanda said...

I had forgotten that he didn't like the sprinkler. We turned it on here just last night!

Lynsey said...

jack does not look happy! lovng all your updates. I've worked from the newest down to this post :o). Hope you're all good. I'm so sorry I never got to see you again. A last hug was defiantly warranted. I guess it means I have to come back for it or meet in Italy :o)!!!!

Love you friend xxxx we miss you guys :o(