Saturday, March 28, 2009

Puddles and Potties

PUDDLES! We had to get out of the house yesterday for some much needed fresh air and Jack was thrilled with the puddles. So much so he was drinking the water off of the cement. I would have some pics of Keegan but he was practically naked!

We tried to potty train again yesterday but decided to wait another month. He is making friends with the potty so that is a better sign than before but decided to hold his pee for 7 hours rather than have an accident on the floor or pee in the potty. I was pleased that we did not have puddles indoors and that he could hold it that long.

Oh the Joys of Motherhood! Seriously, they make my everyday life pretty interesting and I love it.


Membership Required said...

Oh you will be amazed at what little camels they can be. Hey by the way you have been tagged over at my blog.

Tara Powell said...

7 hours!!!! Oh my gosh! I am glad Keegan is making strides towards the potty training thing, though. I have been curious how things went!!

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