Saturday, February 21, 2009

All things considered: This is Random Top 10

1. Have you seen the movie "Fireproof"? It is an amazing movie and I highly recommend anyone to watch it. It is not just a movie for troubled marriages because it can help refine even the best relationship. The book "Love Dare" is also worth going through. There are so many good nuggets to digest in that book.

2. In the month of January, we saved around $300 using the envelope system from Financial Peace University and it all went to paying off debt. I think February will be even more.

3. Jack is very close to walking...very close. He barely holds on to my finger but one day he is going to take off. He has also decided that is adventurous and is trying all sorts of foods. My mother introduced him to a fork and he thought it was the greatest. He does not have to touch the food that way and once it makes it into his mouth he decides he likes it. Jack Jack is still every once in a while spitting up. Yes, he is almost 14 months and it smells disgusting.

4. Keegan is now in full singing mode, which makes my heart very happy. He sings "Happy Birthday Cake" (his rendition of the Happy Birthday song). He knows that cakes=birthdays. Here is how it goes. "Happy Birthday Cake to You, Happy Birthday Cake to You, Happy Birthday Keegan, Happy Birthday Cake to You."

5. Potty training was officially put on a hold for a few weeks. We tried last Saturday and he was completely mortified and was crying like a he was scared of the potty and the toilet. I decided to have him watch Elmo Potty everyday (which he LOVES) and have the potty sitting around until he takes more of an interest. The thing now is that he very aware of when poops or pees and he immediately needs his diaper changed. That is a good sign, but we are going through a lot more diapers with him.

6. I have been super busy lately. I am not sure what is soaking up all my time, but I feel as if there has not been down time. It could be that I am a little more involved at church coupled in with all the misc stuff that needs to be taken care of around the house. Who knows. This blog has been shuffled to the end of the list...but I am hoping for a come back.

7. Keegan is going to attend Mothers Day Out in the fall! YEAH for Keegan and YEAH for mom!

8. American Idol could be one of those things taking up my time. Here is my run down so far. Anoop and Jackie are top picks for a wild card spot. Tatiana has some psyche issues and I really think she needs help. Danny Gokey is FABULOUS! And can you believe that Jasper boy made it? Christine and Corey...maybe you can pound it out with him when he sent home. The girl in the blue, Stevie...oh goodness...what is America coming to if she made it in the top 36?

9. Howie Do-It. It is a hidden camera show by Howie Mandel. It is on Friday nights and is Hi-larious! Did anyone see the Pink Bunny Singing Telegram...I almost peed in my pants..or the Soap Opera try-out?

10. I am learning tons right now spiritually in so many angles. When you pray for things in your life, hold on... because God WILL challenge you. The answer usually results in a finger pointing back at all the ways that I do not trust Him. It also shows my faults and insecurities as well. know me inside and out don't you? I hope that I will learn from all the things going on right now and come out stronger in the end.


courtney said...

You used the word "nugget." I had a roommate throughout college (not Bethany) who hated the word "nugget." It just reminded me of her. Thanks for loving me despite my randomness.

Janelle and Ella said...

I really hope Anoop makes it!! And Danny Gokey is amazing! My favorite by far.

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