Monday, December 1, 2008

Britney: For the Record

If you have not had a chance to see this documentary on Britney Spears life, it is worth watching. (It is on MTV) For the past few years my heart has been so heavy for this girl. Every time I see an interview with her, I want to go through the tv screen and love on her. When I have seen her behavior in the past couple of years, I have just prayed that God would show Himself to her. I think sometimes that we forget that celebrities need Jesus just as much as lost people in foreign countries. In one segment, you can almost see the darkness sweeping over her when she says, "I am sad".

She makes an enlightening statement as she is reflecting on her two boys. It shows that even when she is blocked off from the world, that God can still show Himself to her. She says, "I think back in the past 10 years and what I have been through and it is a touchy thing cause I see my babies and I am like..Of course you have to believe in God...I completely believe in God. How could these two beings be here without there being a God."

I think that the excitement of being famous has trapped her in such a way that she may never emerge to be normal. For the better part of her life and career she will guarded and be closed off. I am just praying that she will one day feel the freedom that God can only give.

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Becky Kiser said...

amen. chris and i watched it too. your heart breaks for her. thank you for the encouragement to pray not only for the lost in other nations but for the lost here!