Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday School Costume Party

For a solid year now we have been attending Houston Northwest, and we have made some amazing friends that live around us. Obedience to change churches was very hard for a long time, but God has blessed our faithfulness. (Not that I don't miss our HFBC family tremendously!) Our Sunday School class is relatively new and there incredible people that we get to share life with. So I guess you get to meet them now...but you might need to look past the costumes. He He! (I did not get a picture of the one couple that scored high reviews on their costume...so I will need to add that one later!)

Andy and Dana (He is some sort of Halo character...it got a great review from the guys...of course!)

Brian and Shawna

Billy and Lesly (He is our SS teacher and does an amazing job...God has gifted him!)

Walter and Crystal (She is the one that had to approach me about my "supposed" felonies. I am glad we can laugh about it now!)

Aaron and Kelly (They were so funny in those costumes!)

Chris and Katie

Brian and Stacy

Kurtis and Heather


Janelle and Ella said...

I DEFINITELY think y'all should have won!! You guys look awesome!!! Are those the same white boots you wore at DBU when you dressed up like one of the Spice Girls? :-)

leigh & laura said...

Your outfits are definitely the best!! Awesome.

Amanda said...

You were a total hottie, Michelle! You need to grow your hair out and get a perm for sure.

Membership Required said...

how fun. Yes indeed God has blessed you with fun friends. Great outfits. You did well.

Lauren said...

No you didn't! You look hilarious!

My husband totally would have dressed up as Master Chief from Halo. Lauren would not have worn a coordinating outfit.

Danielle Nicole said...

Hey girl! I am so glad that the new church is going so well! God is so good! I miss you and Jonathan, maybe paths will cross is Houston sometime when I come and visit.

The Reeves Family said...

Nice. The look works on you two.

Becky Kiser said...

too cute

job said...