Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On a Roll....

After a good blog fast...I am back. It has been extremely hard but worth it. It is amazing how your life seems more at ease when you get your priorities back in order. My time with the Lord has been amazing and the blog break was very timely. So, I will catch up on my life in the past twenty nine days a little at a time.

But for a start...we got back a week and a half ago from our vacation in Hunt, Texas. We come up in our driveway and see this huge pile of wet toilet paper on our front porch and a few caught pieces of toilet paper in our magnolia tree.

So, we got rolled...wrapped...whatever you want to call it. Rolled is what you call it in Mansfield. Wrapped it what you call it in Houston. My first group of sophomore girls set me straight on this issue. Mainly Miss Heather who said that if I said that I meant that I was getting a little high...and not the distance of the thrown toilet paper.

Back to my wet pile of toilet paper. Some nice neighbor of mine took it all down for us and left the evidence for us to sort out. Either some twerps got the wrong house, an old student of mine found where I lived (only a handful know), or one of our friends felt like being a teenager again. Luckily whoever did it got less than a 6 pack and did not have a strong arm. (or they got caught)

If anyone has information on this "rolling"...please step forward. :)


Amanda said...

We totally got wrapped about a month ago and I never found out who did it. I have been thinking they had the wrong house but maybe it was the same people? I was home alone that night and I will just say I was not pleased to be picking that mess up alone at 11:30 at night.

Membership Required said...

It was me. Grin, wink, Grin.
Just kidding!!!
Check Stacie's blog today. She got to hold Abigail for the first time.

Nancy Mon said...

It wasn't me. I'll be glad to see you Monday night.

Matt and Jen said...

Twas I.

Anonymous said...

Not me! Check out my pics on FB of the wrapping/rolling of my house by my friends :) who I pegged from the beginning and they finally fessed up!

See you Monday!