Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Stepping Across Texas

This past weekend we made our first road trip as a family of four up to Mansfield. I hate to admit this, but our Kia Sorento is getting a little small and the thoughts of a mini van have entered into my mind. They are of course just "thoughts" until I resign any "cool" that I had left and make the purchase. This might take a while to let my pride go. (For those of you that have one, I am sure you are still cool..it is just a personal issue with me! he he!)

The reason for the trip is that my grandfather got remarried on Saturday to his two-stepping partner, Florrine. My grandmother passed away three years ago and he has been needing someone to share life with. Florrine, is a fiery red-head with lots of spunk who will for sure keep Grandad on his toes. She lost her husband ten years ago and you would have thought she was getting married for the first time. She was so giddy and as a pair they act like smitten teenagers. For their honeymoon they are going to Disney World in April. I told him it was a must that they get Mickey and Minnie Ears with their names embroidered on it. Hopefully I can get a picture of that for the blog! There have been lots of emotions trailing on this wedding as you could probably imagine, but you know...the bottom line is, life needs to be lived until the end and that does not happen in a recliner watching tv.

The wedding was quite interesting with more gray hair in the audience that I have ever seen. It must be nice at their age to attend a wedding of a friend instead of funeral. We thought it was quite amusing that the mother of the bride was walked down the aisle. Yes, Florrine's mother is 90 something and 4'4...what a sight to see. (She likens Sophia on the Golden Girls if that gives you a mental picture.) I was asked to sing "Valenine" by Martina McBride and it was for sure a different experience singing at this wedding. They walked out to the song "Two Stepping Across Texas", into their reception for more two-stepping. Otto and Hotrod did not make it (for all you Houston First people) but a similar man in the same git-up called out the dances. It was pretty fun to watch all their Tuesday night dancin' friends docey-do.

This wedding made me ask questions, "Would I remarry?", or would Jonathan and I live out our story like "The Notebook". Hmmmm....It is the one thing you never really want to talk about. Have you ever had that conversation with your spouse? This might be interesting to hear what you have to say. For us, it still remains open ended and hoping that our story will end with us sneaking in each others room at the nursing home to sleep with each other at night.

My Dad and Grandad

Jack at his Great Jack's wedding

My brother Matt, wife Jenifer and daughter Jacey. She really started walking recently and that was fun seeing the beginnings of that! Unfortunately, weddings and toddlers do not mix, so we did not get a pic of us!

Grandad Jack and Florrine

Two-Stepping with the dancing buddies. You can see Otto's twin in the back of the second pic with the red shirt.


Amy said...

What a fun experience to attend your grandpa's wedding!?

Robert and I have had the remarrying convo. I say no. I don't think I will remarry. Simply because, I cannot imagine doing the dating process again. uhh! It sickens me, thinking of it.

Robert on the otherhand, I give him two months tops. He will probably have the funeral coach drop him off at the courthouse for a marriage license. Hee hee. A needy one, that boy is.

The Reeves Family said...

We've had the conversation. I say at this point in our lives I would remarry because of the kiddo if God so desires. I'm not sure what I would do if I were older and my children were grown.

Nancy Mon said...

Mini Van??? Oh how the cool has fallen. Just promise me if you get a mini van you won't drive it like a bus.

Roy and I have had the remarry conversation. I don't have it in me to train another one and get used to his new ways. Roy on the otherhand would be quick to remarry. I have asked him to at least grieve me 2 weeks before he starts dating.

Amanda said...

Curt has promised to haunt me in the event that he dies and I remarry. He feels that we will be married eternally. Bless his heart. I, on the other hand, am a nice person and I have told him that if I die young, I would sure hate for him to be alone for the rest of his life. I hope your grandpa is as blessed as mine was. Glad you got to take Baby Jack "home!"

lowerys said...

how fun! you're right - i bet it is really nice to have a wedding to attend rather than a funeral at that age. ben and i have had "the conversation" a couple of times - i don't think we've ever really landed on a definite opinion. but it is romantic to think we'd end up like the couple in "The Notebook." love that movie - and so does ben! :) he's a keeper.

Janelle & Ella said...

That is a really sweet story! The fact that the bride was giddy makes me smile!

The Juarez Family said...

That is just too adorable!


Ashley said...

I read your sweet blog often and your boys are precious. I found your blog through Jackson's blog.
I am not married yet, but have the opportunity to work with older people. They may be older, but many of them have years left and a light that shines so bright. Some have stories of being married 60+ years, some have remarried after losing a spouse. Through watching them I believe the ones that remarry know the Lord has blessed them twice. Some of the stories bring tears to my eyes as I watch years of love. My prayer is I get the first chance to love and Lord willing that will be all, but if I get two chances I will be thrilled. I know for sure the day I enter heaven Jesus is going to just smile at me so sweetly because he is my first and only true love for the moment.
Sorry to ramble, but this story is so sweet and I wish your grandad and his sweet new bride much happiness. Blessings, Ashley

Dana said...

life needs to be lived until the end and that does not happen in a recliner watching tv.

Dang, are you sure? ;)

How sweet is that couple? And good of you to accept her into your Granddad's life...

The Kaufmann Krew said...

I feel you on the minivan. i have the same "cool" issues....haha.
yes, we have had the remarrying conversation. i think it would take Cody a long time to remarry, but i honestly would want him to. he is a loner, so i dont know....
He says i would in an instant. But Im not so sure. I think it would depend on what age we were.
bless your grandpa's heart. they are too cute.

The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

What a cute wedding!
I have actually picked out the girl that I would allow my husband to remarry if something happens to me.
I guess I think she would be a really good mom. Is that weird?
I don't know if I would or not.

Jake and Taryn said...

Wow!! That is very neat. I guess sometimes we just have to think about what makes that person happy. When my Grandfather died I could not bear the thought of my Grandmother remarrying or even being with other men. Most of my family was ok with it. I have realized now that I truly can't imagine the emptiness of what they must feel. So, I look at it differently now and I wish your Grandfather the BEST of luck! :)

Anonymous said...

And what is wrong with driving a mini van?????? jk I know some pretty cool people who drive/have driven a mini van!

Sweet story!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

The bride & groom are adorable and so in love!