Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday Jonathan!

I have to brag because...

he best dad in the world. If there is anything to be said about Jonathan is that he loves his boys with everything in him. He is super hands on and loves every second he gets to spend with them.

he takes care of me. I ended up with a bad cold this week and he slept with Jack in the living room for two nights so I could get a full night sleep. He is selfless and always puts me first. (always!)

he cares for people. He loves to bless them and has a genuine interest in their life.

he is a hard worker. He does not like to fail and pushes through every obstacle in his way.

He makes me laugh because...

he loves checking the mail. I let him have the opportunity everyday. If I go out and get it before he has a chance, I crush his spirit.

he loves carmex lip balm and smothers his lips with it every night.

he wears smart wool socks everyday...even with shorts.

his favorite shows are "How Its Made", "Mythbusters", "Everest: Beyond the Limit", "Man Vs.Wild", and of course the most, most favorite "Dirty Jobs". Thank you Discovery Channel for making my husbands life more complete!

he wants to scale Mt. Everest. The reason why this makes me laugh is because HE IS CRAZY and there is no way that I would let him!

he sleeps on my side of the bed every night and denies it.

this year made our yard sick. When we moved in we had the most beautiful, green, luscious yard. He decides to treat it with this chemical right before we are both out of town for a week in 100 degree weather. When we got back, our grass was brown. The chemical had a flap on the back of the bottle (that to his defense was hard to see) and it said to treat in at the most 80 degree weather and water very well. Ooops! Jonathan has finally redeemed himself and his beloved yard is now sprouting green.

he has penguin pajama pants.

he had this great idea not to eat fast food for a whole year for his new years resolution. why this did not work: #1 we just had a baby and that is the easiest sometimes #2 he works for McDonalds.

he would eat wheat thins and yogurt for every meal if I did not cook for him.

he loves Josh Groban. What is ironic is that Jonathan is a country music fanatic. I finally bought him a cd for Christmas and I swear he listens to "Your Raise Me Up" and sings it at the top of his lungs over and over again when I am in the car and not in the car.

I really have the best husband in the world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN! I LOVE YOU!


The Juarez Family said...

Happy birthday J! You have a wonderful wife that adores you! What a beautiful family!


PS - I am still younger than you :}

Nancy Mon said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr Jonathan!
You guys are getting old!!


Cari said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! (imagine that was said in my Carla Tate voice) Sorry I'm a day late! Hope you had a good day! Love, Cari

Janelle & Ella said...

This is a great list!!!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

lowerys said...

how sweet and fun! God blessed us with some great hubbies! i've learned to love "Dirty Jobs" too - i don't know if Ben could survive without his sports channel and the discover channel! :)

A is for Audrey said...

happy birthday jonathan!

Anonymous said...

That was GREAT!!! Happy Birthday Jonathan!!