Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Smelly Rain Cloud and the Smelly Dogs

For this Christmas I have been interested in getting new perfume. The last perfume that I wore was Romance by Ralph Lauren and now I am tired of that scent. He bought me DKNY Apple when I was 2 months pregnant with Keegan and unfortunately I had morning sickness at the same time. That perfume was passed on to Christine and I still gag a little when I smell it.

Today I decided to go smell the world of perfume at Macys. My first observation was that I have literally lived in a bubble for 2 years and was overwhelmed by the number of perfumes. My second observation was that every perfume consultant that I talked to acted as if there was no time in the world for a pregnant woman wearing crocs. I realized walking in that I did not match at all, but it was because I was chasing my neighbors dogs trying to get them to go back to their yard. (story below)

I finally find a woman with way too much make-up, and she starts spraying perfumes on every bit of my arm. I am trying mentally to take notes on what perfume is on what arm and walk out smelling like a rainbow of scents. The one on my right hand smells wonderful, but I have no idea what it is! I came home and Jonathan almost falls over with how bad I smell. He likens it to having a rain cloud above me that never leaves and not so much a rainbow.

**I need your help. Please pass on a few names of your favorite perfume.**

Back to the story of my neighbor's dogs...
Last night, we were cleaning out our fridge and Jonathan insists on taking our roast beef fat gunk left over in our casserole dish and tosses it behind the garage by the fence. This grosses me out, but he says it is good for the earth. Insert my immediate thought: "whatever!" Later we hear Keegan pointing out the back door and saying "Dawg". Low and behold, his favorite friends were now in our back yard. I asked Jonathan sweetly, "Babe, where exactly did you dump that?" Our eyes met with a laugh and realized that it is where the dogs dug a hole under the fence and now the big white dog can't get back. His chihuahua companion is going back and forth from yard to yard teasing the fire out of him. We rang our neighbor's doorbell over and over realizing that they are out of town. (Thus why the dogs were so interested in the roast smell...they were hungry!)

Fast forward to this morning, and they are still in our back yard. We thought that maybe someone would be checking on the dogs to feed them, but no one ever did. Jonathan tries to go in the back and the dog just growls at him. He decides that after being bit by a big dog when he was little, that he really did not want to get chomped on again. So, that leaves me in my crocs. The dog responds to my leftover hamburger patties, and I grab a shovel to help the poor dog back to his home. The hole under the fence was deep enough on the neighbors side, but not on ours. The silly dog could not figure out how to dig back over. I kept laughing how funny it must of looked for the husband watching over the fence as his a 9 month pregnant wife is shoveling dirt.

The big white dog eventually squeezes back over under the fence, and Jonathan barricades the opening with anything he can find. Keegan sure did have many conversations with his companions through our back door and he now has successfully learned that "ruff" is what a dog says instead of "meow".


Matt, Andrea, & Luke said...

ooh, i love perfume and i'm so glad that you've asked for suggestions! i feel like this is my specialty ... i'm such a sucker for perfume. :)

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Vera Wang
Chance by Chanel
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Anonymous said...

i wear CREED and get compliments on it all the time. it's a little pricey, but worth it! they have a bunch of different scents, i wear Silver Mountain Water and i have Love In White (which i got for my wedding day and wear when i want to remind us both of that day!)

Janelle & Ella said...

This story is hilarious! I am laughing so hard picturing the shoveling scene!

Becky Kiser said...

my two favorites are:
heavenly by victoria's secret (this is more of a light, feminine scent) and black by kenneth cole (this is a bolder, almost cologne like).

karley said you are looking precious. post some more pics!!

Nancy Mon said...

Michelle, thanks for the laugh this morning. I know it wasn't funny at the time.

As for perfume, I love Angel Innocent. It is lighter than Angel which I also love.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Wow, you are quite spry for a preggo! Here are my favorites:

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
Chance by Chanel

And this year for Christmas, I'm asking for Juicy Couture. Love it!

Cari said...

oh my gosh, i am cracking up thinking about you out there digging! so funny!

lowerys said...

michelle - you crack me up! i love your blogs. first of all, go to Sephora next time to search for perfumes - no annoying salespeople (usually), huge selection, and those nice little strips you can spray the perfume on instead of yourself! :) here are my recommendations:

L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake
Stella by Stella McCartney
Strenesse by Gabrielle Strehle
and I too love Lovely by SJP

also, i've moved my blog to wordpress - www.abbylowery.wordpress.com. check it out! :)

A is for Audrey said...

this is too funny! i hope you didn't start having contractions after all that shoveling!

i love woman by banana republic.

A is for Audrey said...

this is too funny! i hope you didn't start having contractions after all that shoveling!

i love woman by banana republic.

FordeFam said...

Hahahaha!!! That is such a great mental picture!!! :) I had some perfume when I was early pregnant with Lenci and have never been able to wear it (Amour) again either. I love Il Bacio by Borghese, Bella Belara and Journey by Mary Kay, and Nautica for Women. If you know someone who sells Mary Kay near you they can let you try samples of their fragrances!!! :) Sounds like fun! I haven't been recently perfume shopping either! I think it would be fun to go! OH, and shame on them for not catering to you in that store!!! Sometimes I park outside of the Neiman Marcus at our mall, cause there are better places to park and I love to just look, and I always wonder what they think when they see me and my crew coming in with our double stroller full and a preschooler walking along side!!! Hehehe!

Amanda said...

I have nothing to add because perfume gives me a headache, but I loved picturing you at the perfume counter in your Crocs and with your 9 month pregnant self.

Kelli said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I am a sucker for perfume!

My all time favorite is Chance by Channel!

PS - Good luck with your precious delivery ahead!! :)

Woody said...

Oscar De la Renta it's soooo wonderful, been wearing it for years. Praying for you! Melissa :)