Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blog Therapy

I have not felt like blogging lately and it could be attributed to that I entered into my third trimester and feeling a little less energetic. I have so many different things to say so here we go...a list of thoughts and things of the past two weeks. Really I am sorry it is long..please feel free to skim. (I think I needed just get it all out and let it be therapeutic to my soul!)

*I just finished Voice of the Wind in the Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers. It is stinky incredible and I am patiently waiting for my library to get the second one in. I am third in line...this could be a long wait. But seriously, I have had such a hunger lately for history and I am sad that I never paid that much attention in school and never signed up for some biblical history classes at DBU.

*We had our first garage sell with Mae, Brad and my neighbor Merry Lynn last Saturday and we made $150 while they made decent money as well. I know this might not sound like much but that was well worth my time and I was glad to get it all out of my house. If I were to offer advice to friends who have yet to venture into the garage sell arena, you have to watch some people because they sure know how to rig garage sells. (mainly take off all price tags, were you don't remember how much you put on it, to get you to give them the items dirt cheap!)

*We have decided to try Houston Northwest Baptist Church for a few weeks and so far we have enjoyed several things about it. One of the things that top our "like" list about this church is our small group on Sunday morning. (for those of you who hate the word Sunday School..I left it out on purpose) Our teacher is a bible teacher at a Woodlands private school and both Jonathan and I are so thirsty to learn. We barely can take in all that he says in an hour. That my friends is a good class. Right now we are in Revelation and wow, he has already had my head spinning. We are hanging back to let God give us a peace about this church. It seems little by little he is giving it to us, but we still miss our friends at HFBC.

*Love the new Geiko commercials. I am still not used to them and they still get me at the end.

*I have been getting sonograms regularly to check up on the baby. It seems that Jack is a tiny one and in the 15th percentile. He is all in proportion, so the doctor is not worried, but of course I have to keep getting checked up on. (so there is a little bit of uneasiness there.) I have 12 weeks left. Or if he comes early like Keegan, 8 weeks. Some days I wonder if I am ready...

*Love the cool mornings we have had lately and all the pumpkins that are gracing the steps of our neighbors.

*We got locked out of our house last Friday for the first time and $80 something dollars later were let in.

*Keegan is in love with my socks.

*Love the Pumpkin Patch store for kids! Oh my... I am desperately holding back my urges to deck Keegan out in one of their outfits until he needs clothes.

*I really feel like I hit a huge milestone in my life this last week. I really struggle with all sorts of fear, especially when Jonathan is out of town. Last Thursday I had to stay in our house alone (with Keegan) for the first time and praise God I feel asleep without much trouble. I have been known to be freaked out to the point of falling asleep after 3 a.m or later. Much had to been attributed to the lesson on fear out of Beth's Esther Bible Study on Tuesday night. I love when God gives you peace and a word exactly when you need it.

*I have been doing some design work lately and earning my way to getting a digital canon rebel. I can hardly wait.

*Lastly, I really apologize for the lack of comments lately. I have been reading your blogs sporadically, and I will one day get caught up on all your lives. So thank you to the ones who continue to comment on mine and made it to the end of this blog! :/


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the update. No worries about that precious baby...God has it all taken care of. He'll be perfect!

courtney said...

this wasn't longer than my 100th post...that was laborious to read!

good talking to you the other night. we'll have to make the zoo trip happen as long as you're feeling okay.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the update! I can't believe you're already in your third trimester. I will be at Bible study on Tuesday and I hope to hug your neck! Love you!
PS - I have been the same way about comments lately.

Ashie Nichole said...

I love hearing about your life my sweet Michelle!! You have always been such an example for me, and I just am so excited to get to read about your life on here!!
Everything will work out pefect with your precious baby, but I will be praying for you about that, and the anxiousness of that as well!
Love you!

Mel said...

Sounds as if you are going through so much. On the fear issue, my youth minister told me to open my bible and keep it open while I slept and even when I was awake. God's power is so awesome. The fear goes away and the sleep is awesome! Try it and let me know how it goes. I did this when I was in collge and my step sister was a was scary, let me tell you.....she moved out that summer. Yeah for me, cause I didn't think I could take it anymore.
You hang in there and get some good sleep when you can! :)

FordeFam said...

Had my 10 year reunion! I'll blog on it soon! Hope you start feeling recharged again soon! :)

Courtney said...

12 weeks... oh my goodness. it has gone so fast. no worries about jack being small, if he is in all areas i bt he is just perect... maybe since he is alittle small he will stay in a little longer! you are in my prayers

Cari said...

somehow it seems enough to just say i love much.

Janelle & Ella said...

Thanks for the great update! I have so much to comment on that I'm just going to call you later.
I can't believe you are already in your 3rd trimester! Wow. It seems like it is going fast. I'm sure you look SO adorable.

thekisers said...

i'm so glad y'all are feeling more at home at that church!! i can't believe you are already in your third tri-mester!!!

Dana said...

Garage sales are great. You get some people who will downright argue with you about the price.

Your HFBC friends still miss you!

RE: Locked out of the house. The Munton's - who live one block over - have our spare and we have theirs...they have rescued us numerous times!

That's okay, we forgive temporary lurkers...come back to us though!

A is for Audrey said...

love the blog therapy and hope it helped. we miss you so!! i totally know what you mean about the garage salers. they can be downright tricky. sometimes i'd have to hold my sister back (she kind of speaks her mind...)
i also can't believe you're in your 3rd trimester. we WILL see each other before jack comes...i mean it!!
love you!

A is for Audrey said...

...oh, and what's this pumpkin patch store for kids?? sounds like i need to make a little visit over there. :)

Nancy Mon said...

Missed you, but happy to catch up with your happenings. I didn't know you were coming on Tuesday nights.

The Francine River's books you are talking about...sometimes are they sold 3 to a set? If so, I have it I think and never have opened it or read them. If this is what you are talking about, I will loan you book 2 and 3 if you would like.

Lauren said...

Hey Michelle,
I can totally relate to your fear when Jonathan is away. Nathan has been travelling a lot lately, and he just left for L.A. for two weeks. It doesn't keep me up till 3am, but I definitely think of all the terrible things that could happen both to him and to me while we're separated and before he has the chance to meet Baby B. Things as wild as the plane crashing, the house getting broken into while I'm at home, or him tripping and getting impaled on an upright stick on one of his outdoorsy geology trips (which actually happened one time, or a near-impalement anyway). There are so many things we CAN worry about when it comes to the people we love (and our own safety) that it can make you crazy. I recently heard someone say, though, that "worry is praying to yourself." Since then, I have been making more of an effort to give my fear to God, and he has been faithful about giving me more peace.

Lynsey said...

loved your blog update. we miss you so much over here in chilly scotland! brrrr! anyway, know that we think of you all and am soo happy for blogs so i dont feel too much out of your life :o( love youz and will hopefully call you once im all settled and moved into my new hooosie! xxxxxxx

Kristin said...

Michelle, I loved the Mark of the Lion series and I finished them with the same feeling of regret that I hadn't pursued more study of biblical history.
I am so happy that you are not on bedrest! We will keep praying for health for you and Jack!