Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A whole lot of random

Mansfield's Booming:
So I have been in Mansfield for a week and a half now and there are many things to comment on. First of all, did you know that Mansfield is getting a water park? Okay...really...what is going on here?? Mansfield evidently is one the top three fastest growing towns in Texas. When I was little the hot spot was Dairy Queen and the snow cone hut. Do I need to say more? We were nothing special. The only thing remotely interesting about us was the rodeo, high school football games (go tigers!). Something to be proud of.

Keegan has learned two new tricks:
He learned how to stand up in his bed, but he is scared of sitting down. Look at this sad face!

Jonathan so pleasantly has taught him how to climb the stairs. Mom thinks he is going to be a "climber". I'm scared.

Keegan went to the zoo for the first time:
He was just interested in us!

Lastly, I really debated to put this in, but it made me laugh. I watched this tired old mama Orangutan bask in the sun taking a break from her crazy offspring when all of a sudden she was pounced for a snack. Just look close. I was totally invading her privacy, but some things you can't help but watch.


Mae said...

That's awesome!! What's up with the water park there, but none in Houston?? That's so not cool.

courtney said...

that poor orangutan. and don't we know her pain.