Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Pool of Tulle

The Galleria yesterday was buzzing with excitement. Easter outfit shopping. Prom dress shopping. Slow Walkers. Fast, on a mission, walkers. Boyfriend, Girlfriend...hand in the back pocket walkers. In style fashion experts and people wearing five different styles at once. And of course, the pool of tulle. We counted five quinceaneras yesterday in all different colors. Yellow, Pink, Green, White and Red. I thought I kept seeing the same girl but then realized it was another party all together. Each girl had her own posse of BFF's in satin dresses and short, not quite through puberty, boys in tuxes. Of course, everyone in the posse had the same color on as the queen bee. Inevitably, we would venture down one side of the mall and be slowed down to a snails pace behind the posse strutting their stuff. They knew they were taking up the whole walkway and still rolled as if they had it going on. You know what I mean...they thought they were attending the hottest event on the planet. (If you have ever seen Sweet Sixteen on MTV, they almost faint to get a ticket in to these type of parties.) We decided to go down to the food court area and then that is when we realized that it was The Day of the Quinceanera. (We created this holiday.) It was very colorful and each posse was sizing each other up. I kept wondering where the event was. Did they all get dressed up to go hang out at the mall? When we left, we saw a limo/13 passenger van/dually, strange type of vehicle, with a big magnet on the back stating "My Quinceanera" taking the posse to who knows where next. I guess for those girls it was the ultimate day that defined their state of existence, but for us, it was rather an amusing affair.

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The Juarez Family said...

It is so weird that you mention this. We were out to eat on Saturday night and there was a huge clan of girls/guys in the same colors also. Jeff could only determine that is was a quinceanera. They were everywhere and yes getting on our nerves :} I do not miss high school at all!