Saturday, April 28, 2007

Murphy Road Women's Retreat

I had the pleasure of singing with Amber Burger at a women's retreat this weekend. It has been around two years since I have been able to lead worship. (minus an occasional wedding vocal) I was a little timid getting up there at first, especially since it was not students, and the microphone seemed a little foreign. God is so good that I was able to get over my nerves and enjoy it. I have to brag on my friend Amber. She is such an incredible worship leader and so very gifted. "Anointed" is the most fitting word. She always has just the right thing to say that reaches hearts.

My friend Cari (who I have been freinds with since I was 14) put on this retreat and she did a remarkable job. I loved seeing her do her "thang" and loving on all those women! They love and admire her because she is genuine, thoughtful, very wise, and a good listener. You can just see all the respect they have for her. I love the women at her church and it made me really miss small churches. There were around 50 women and I enjoyed watching these beautiful ladies worship.

Being in Mansfield for the last two weeks and ending with this retreat has been good for my soul. God has sorted some things out with me spiritually and given me peace in a few areas. I rest in knowing that God always comes through loud and clear even if I missed it the first few times. Sometimes I wished He had a bullhorn.


Nancy Mon said...

I know you blessed the women with you worship leadership. I am going to miss you and Courtney this week on staff retreat.

the_wells said...

hey there -
it was good running into you guys 2nite! gotta love freebirds.
stay in touch - katie


Hi Michelle! It's great to hear from you. We're excited to know about your blog so we can keep in touch. I was pumped when I saw your blogarithm. Being new to the blogging world I'm learning about all the cool features. Thanks!