Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fall of Adam

When I was a child I lived on a street named Live Oak. My granddad still lives one street over, so when we go to his house I always take the route by my old house. It lacks the charm that it used to have and really it had so little. Someone needs to tell the current owners that the orangey exterior paint they picked totally does not go with the brick, but what do they care with all their junk laying in the driveway. So anyway... it may not have looked like much but it held so many memories. The things I remember most were my neighbors.

Our back fence was my favorite place to hang out because on the other side was a boy named Adam. He was this chubby little guy that always wanted to kiss me and when you are in Kindergarten that is just plain icky. ( I guess he had his "cooties" shot.) When we got a little older he would come over and we would climb trees. I was a bit of a tomboy so it was right up my alley. One day he decided to climb up this slippery tree that we had. I have never seen a tree like it since, but its bark was very wax like. It's trunk was really stumpy and two main branches made a V about two feet up. Adam got up the tree, lost his grip and slid down enough to get his foot stuck. I can remember so vividly the concern in his eyes as he tried to pull his foot out and it would not budge. I was a wee bit concerned at first but then laughed hysterically at the situation. The poor guy tried to suck back the tears and if you have ever seen Goonies, picture Chunk when he was scared and you have the best mental image of Adam. He wiggled and wiggled and my mother called 911. I think the embarrassment of a fireman and his big truck on the way to save Adam gave him enough will power to free his foot... not to mention the predicament he got himself into in front of a girl who would tell her whole class the next morning. The fireman arrived seconds later and was glad that he did not have to chop off Adam's foot. I was a little disappointed, but Adam was relieved.

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Kelly Fisher said...

That brings back memories of me and my friend, Lavaughn...we were climbing a tree at the end of the cul de sac where we lived. We did not realize that the tree was infested with asps...I got down quickly - but, Lavaughn got stuck in the tree and could not get down because the asps had made their way onto the only limb that would allow her access to getting down. Once she got down...she realized that one of the asps had made their way into her shorts....needless to say, she stripped down to her underwear and ran screaming down the street!