Friday, February 16, 2007

PLUMB: Chaotic Resolve

Since leaving work I feel a little disconnected from all the new music coming out. My ausie friend, Harlie, always kept me in the loop with new music. We also would get boxes of newly released albums that would be delivered to our student ministry for us to play for students. I loved those days!! You would think since I have an intense love for music I would be waiting for every new album to arrive. But, I am set in my ways and listen all the old albums on my i-pod until I literally know the next song coming because it is so ingrained in my being.

Today I decided to buy a new album that I heard Harlie playing while setting up for girls retreat. PLUMB. (by the way, love the i-tunes dangerously convenient.) She has had music around since I was in high school, so I was shocked that I loved her so much. You know how it is, most musicians lose their edge over a decade. (Note: Steven Curtis Chapman...sorry for those of you that own a current cd of his...he is just not my personal fav..that is, anymore.) Her cd has energy, deepness, creativity, and intensity that really could soar in the secular world. Musically it is a masterpiece. Check out her website when you have a chance. So for now, I feel a little more connected.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Glad you're enjoying it. This is a really well produced CD with a lot of variety. Enjoy...

- Harlie